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Mactan Cebu Airport ready for flight resumptions

Aviation Updates Philippines – As airlines are expected to gradually restart flights in the coming weeks, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA) and GMR MEGAWIDE Cebu Airport Corporation (GMCAC) reassured Monday that it is ready to resume airport operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

GMCAC's Chief Executive Advisor Andrew Acquaah-Harrison airport operations were calibrated to adopt with the "new normal." In that sense, MCIAA has intensified health screening procedures and has installed barriers and markers to guarantee the implementation of physical distancing.

“As we experience a change to how we influence passenger behavior when using the airport, we will keenly observe how the passengers will react to the new environment and make adjustments as necessary. At the same time, we ask the passengers and staff for their cooperation and understanding as we implement these new measures for their well-being and safety,” said Harrison.

Guests are expected to follow through with MCIA's "new normal" protocols:
  1. Strictly adhere to social distancing protocols and follow the visual markers placed in different locations. Always stay in the right lane when walking.
  2. Mandatory wearing of face masks and any preferred additional PPEs within the airport vicinity and inside the terminals.
  3. Comply with body temperature checks conducted by the security personnel at all airport entry points.
  4. Regularly sanitize hands and disinfect shoes using provided hand sanitizers and footbaths at terminal entry locations.
  5. Limit send-off parties at the departure area to one companion only regardless of the number of passengers traveling together.
  6. Provide correct information when filling out health declaration forms.
  7. Read COVID-19 health information materials posted in strategic locations of the terminal.
  8. Listen to PA announcements for health and safety reminders.

Passengers and staff are now required to wear face masks and other protective equipment when entering the airport. At the same time, MCIA said it is the first airport to have a dedicated COVID-19 testing facility which can run from 900 to 2,000 tests per day for arriving OFWs and locals.

“This initiative will augment the government’s testing capacity and fast track the processing of arriving OFWs and seafarers and decongest Manila. At the same time, it will help alleviate the plight of OFWs and Seafarers who desperately want to return to the Visayas and Mindanao but are stranded in quarantine centers in Luzon while waiting for their COVID-19 test results,” said MCIAA General Manager Steve Dicdican.

While awaiting results, OFWs will be accommodated at designated hotels as quarantine facilities by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and the Department of Tourism while waiting for their test results.

Photo from Mactan Cebu Airport

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