WATCH: PAL arrives in Miami

Aviation Updates Philippines – On Tuesday, Philippine Airlines sent off a Boeing 777-300ER for a ferry flight to Miami. The flight flew direct from Manila, covering roughly 9,314 miles in distance. It was another milestone for PAL being the farthest flight it operated.

Aside from that, it is also the first non-stop flight between Miami and Manila. Its primary mission was to repatriate 345 Filipino seafarers of the Royal Caribbean cruise line from Miami, arriving on Thursday.

Based on Boeing's technical sheet, the 777-300ER could only fly for up to 7,370 nautical miles (or about 8,481 miles) if fully loaded. However, the favorable tailwind and the fact that the aircraft flew without passengers and cargo made this flight safely possible.

Since the return flight will have hundreds of passengers and cargo on-board, a non-stop flight is not practical. Hence, a technical stop was planned in Los Angeles for the actual repatriation flight.

Video by trainmanrisko