United disputes proposed PAL-American Airlines codeshare

Aviation Updates Philippines – United Airlines has expressed its disapproval of the proposed reciprocal codeshare arrangement between Philippine Airlines and American Airlines last month citing "unfair" treatment by Philippine aviation authorities over slot issues in Manila.
CODESHARE BLOCKED. United Airlines requested the US Department of Transportation to "defer action" on PAL's US expansion plans. Photo by Ron Monroe, Flickr
Late last month, PAL and American filed for permissions to form a codeshare agreement before the US Department of Transportation (USDOT). According to Forbes, the move comes after "American continues its work on a new medium-term strategy."

An article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which was published on April 3, 2020, revealed that United expressed "fresh opposition" over the proposed PAL-American deal. Over the past few months, United opposed PAL's plans to codeshare with PAL Express on Guam flights and to launch its Manila-Seattle service.

The Inquirer reportedly read a March 26 letter of United to the US regulator saying: “United urges the Department to defer action on the American/PAL application until United’s access issues in Manila have been resolved.”

In a joint application made public on March 18, 2020, Philippine Airlines intends to expand its United States network through Los Angeles as it filed to codeshare American-operated flights from Los Angeles to Atlanta, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, Orlando, and Washington DC.

On the other hand, American plans to implement the same deal on PAL-operated flights from Manila to Guam, Honolulu, and Tokyo, and also from Cebu to Tokyo.

United has been quick to block PAL's latest developments on its US flights due to allegedly biased treatment over additional slot requests at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The US airline currently operates flights from Manila to Guam and seeks expansion.

However, slot constrains at NAIA prompted the disapproval of United's requested time slots. The airline argued it would only allow PAL's US expansion upon approval of its expansion requests.

Philippine Airlines, early this year, announced plans to fly thrice-weekly from Manila to Seattle non-stop, which was supposedly scheduled to start in May this year. In response, United asked the USDOT to "defer action" on PAL's proposals.

With reports from the Philippine Daily Inquirer