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PAL cabin crew sports brand-inspired PPEs

Aviation Updates Philippines – Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Philippine Airlines has flown numerous repatriation flights already. For the flight crew who are at greater risk, PAL has provided them with a minimalist-inspired personal protective equipment (PPE).
THE NEW NORMAL. Fashion designer Edwin Tan collaborated with Philippine Airlines to provide PAL-inspired personal protective suits for its cabin crew. Photo from Cielo Villaluna, PAL
The need for new PPEs have risen significantly due to the increasing number of special flights in view of repatriation efforts of several countries. With this, fashion designer Edwin Tan partnered with the flag carrier to provide the new temporary cabin crew uniforms.

According to PAL, the need for PPEs on its repatriation flights prompted producers to collaborate with the national flag carrier. Tan's creations fuse the elements of comfort, protection, and the PAL brand.

"The detail is a subtle branding for PAL. We didn’t have time to print or embroider so we came up with the idea of mimicking or reworking the ‘flag’ logo of PAL," Tan said.

"We used a non-porous material for the PPEs. A material with substantial weight to give it a better fall than generic PPEs," he added.

PAL said its cabin crew uniforms will sport various looks, designs, and colors. "Eventually, a single, branded 'look' will fill up our flights this 'Season'. Stay tuned!"

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