HAECO Cabin Solutions develops stowage device for passenger cabins

Aviation Updates Philippines – The COVID-19 pandemic may have detrimental long-term effects for the future of commercial aviation that will most likely last for a few years. To cope with today's unique demand of air freight, North Carolina-based HAECO Cabin Solutions developed a new certifiable device which will "allow package stowage in the main passenger cabin."
UNIQUE CABIN ARRANGEMENT. Airlines may now fly cargo and passengers in the same cabin with the use of these unique systems developed by HAECO Cabin Solutions. Photo handout.
"As the COVID-19 environment developed, the company noted that airlines were beginning to use passenger flights strictly for cargo. At the same time, social distancing directives were being instituted nationwide. HAECO quickly developed solutions to allow airlines to carry cargo and passengers at the same time, optimising passenger and cargo yield, using packages to distance passengers, and maintaining proper weight and balance requirements," the company said in a press release.

Offered in different variants, the device will be certified through a Supplemental Type Certificate (STP). HAECO said it will offer three variants of the said product: a 240-lb seat and floor storage system, a 500-lb all-in-one seat frame, and a 1000-lb palletized cargo variant.
OFFERED IN THREE VARIANTS. To better cater airlines' needs, HAECO has developed three variants for the system. Photo handout.
The company boasted its ability to deliver the product within four to six weeks. Furthermore, variants can be combined with each other depending on the customer's specified requirements. These systems can be installed much like that of economy class seats without the need for special tools.

“We are pleased with the strong interest we have already seen from airlines and leasing companies and delighted that we can offer a quick, cost-effective solution to maximise yields during this challenging time,” President and Group Director of HAECO Cabin Solutions Doug Rasmussen said.