Clarification on the China Eastern, China Southern article

Aviation Updates Philippines – On April 23, we have published an article regarding the resumption of flights of both China Eastern and China Southern to Manila.

The article was first published prior to the extension of the enhanced community quarantine in Manila until May 15. In the article, we mentioned both airlines would start operations early-May.

However, the extension of the ECQ prompted the two air carriers to delay the resumption until mid-June 2020, a month after the scheduled lifting of the quarantine. We have updated the post to display up-to-date information currently available.

We have not, in any way, intended to instill fear and panic to the public. The story was intended to inform our followers, who are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and authorities on essential travel, that there will now be a direct link between the two countries — inexistent as of the moment. Given the detrimental effects of COVID-19 in the global economy, these flights will enable displaced workers to return home via a direct commercial flight. The flights are NOT for leisure and will not be for tourism activities while the pandemic looms.

We advise everyone not to twist the story and to not spread unnecessary panic by implying information without even reading the article itself.

Thank you and keep safe!