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AirAsia eyes implementation of stricter health measures on flights

Aviation Updates Philippines – Health and safety is the top priority of the airline. Chief Safety Officer of AirAsia, Captain Liong Tien gives a glimpse of the new normal operation of the airline amid COVID-19 pandemic.
 Photo from Joshua Cruz
When domestic flights resume across several countries, AirAsia has been drafting additional measures to ensure the safety of the employees and passengers.

For its future flight, the low-cost airline will now require all passengers to bring and wear their masks before, during, and after the flight, including during check-in and bag collection. Passengers without a mask will be denied boarding.

AirAsia also has a new cabin baggage policy to fully exercise social distancing, especially during embarkation and disembarkation. They will only allow one piece of cabin baggage not exceeding five kilograms for each passenger. This new policy aims to minimize unwanted contact between passengers and other baggage.

Temperature checks at different checkpoints, including boarding gates, will also be implemented. Social distancing will be enforced strictly with the installation of queue markers for queueing areas, and the usage of contactless check-in processes. Furthermore, its cabin crew will be required to wear personal protective equipment on flights.
PROTECTED. Personal Protective Equipment suits for AirAsia crew. Photo from AirAsia, Facebook.
As an added measure, AirAsia will also require passengers to fill out a health declaration card before or on arrival at your destination. All their aircraft will be disinfected overnight based on international health and safety standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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