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Flying to South Korea? Check out these canceled flights

Aviation Updates Philippines – Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines announced last week regarding the imposition of a temporary travel ban for some flights to South Korea amid the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic in the region.
EXPANDED TRAVEL BAN. The Philippine government has barred entry of Filipino tourists to South Korea due to the worsening COVID-19 outbreak in the region. Photo by Traveloka.
Philippine Airlines, on Saturday, released Flight Advisory no. 16, which updated the select canceled flights to South Korea valid until the end of March.

A significant reduction of flights to Seoul-Incheon will take effect from today, March 1, until March 31. Additional canceled flights to Incheon will also take effect starting March 12 until the end of the month.

CANCELED FLIGHTS (March 1 to March 31): 

  • PR 468 Manila - Seoul (daily)
  • PR 469 Seoul - Manila (daily)

CANCELLED FLIGHTS (March 12 to 31):

  • PR 466 Manila - Seoul (only on Mo/Tu/Th/Fr/Sa)
  • PR 467 Seoul - Manila (only on Mo/Tu/Th/Fr/Sa)

Additionally, PAL will also cancel most of its scheduled services from Manila to Busan, given the outbreak starting tomorrow, March 2, until March 30.

CANCELED FLIGHTS (March 2 to March 30):

  • PR 418 Manila - Busan (Mo/Th/Fr)
  • PR 419 Busan - Manila (Mo/Th/Fr)

CANCELED FLIGHTS (March 8 to March 29):

  • PR 418 Manila - Busan (We/Su)
  • PR 419 Busan - Manila (We/Su)

However, PAL clarified that it "will retain a number of flights to/from Seoul and Busan to serve travelers not covered by the travel ban."

Meanwhile, Cebu Pacific Air released an advisory for flights to South Korea on Saturday. The low-cost airline plans to altogether cancel all of its flights to the Korean peninsula starting March 3 until April 30.

CANCELED FLIGHTS (March 3 to April 30):

  • 5J 188 Manila - Incheon (daily)
  • 5J 187 Incheon - Manila (daily)
  • 5J 128 Cebu - Incheon (daily)
  • 5J 129 Incheon - Cebu (daily)
  • 5J 180 Kalibo - Incheon (daily)
  • 5J 181 Incheon - Kalibo (daily)

Affected passengers of Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific can avail of rebooking, rerouting, and refunding options of the confirmed ticket. For guests who opt to rebook their flights, they may rebook flights for travel starting June 30, 2020.

Philippines AirAsia has not released any public statements nor announcements regarding their side on the cancellation of flights between the Philippines and Korea.

Editor's note: This list may be updated without further notice.

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