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NAIA to remain closed until further notice

Aviation Updates Philippines – The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) conducted a press briefing announcing that the authority will be releasing another bulletin informing its constituents that the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) will be closed until further notice due to volcanic ash clouds affecting airport operations following the eruption of Mt. Taal.
UNANTICIPATED CANCELLATIONS. Unlike typhoons, there's no knowing when normal operations will resume. Photo by Dirk Salcedo - PPSG/AUP.
MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal stressed that volcanic ash is present on all airport facilities, especially the runways, which are very crucial for the safety of airport operations. The ashes would have to be cleaned before flights can resume normally.

Monreal added that airport operations are likely to be suspended until further notice, suggesting that flight cancellations might be dragged until early morning pending initial assessments on the ash-covered runways.

"Airlines will also decide on whether they will operate. If they see there is still danger, we cannot force them to fly," Monreal told reports in a press briefing on Sunday night.

The airport manager urged passengers not to travel to NAIA yet. Guests are requested to negotiate with their airlines first to confirm if their scheduled flights are pushing through.

As per initial information, 96 arrivals and 76 departures were suspended as NAIA's runways were shutdown at 7:00 pm today. Several flights headed to Manila were diverted to Clark, Cebu, Bangkok, and Hong Kong, while others returned to their point of origin.

The cancellations of 172 flights affected more or less 25,000 passengers. More flights are expected to be canceled as the agencies acquire more information on impact assessments brought by the volcanic eruption.

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