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Davao airport to get parallel taxiways

Aviation Updates Philippines – Construction of the long-overdue parallel taxiways for the Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao City is expected to start soon after the Department of Transportation (DOTr) approved the project late-2019.
BADLY-NEEDED TAXIWAY. With passenger traffic and aircraft movements booming in Davao, there is a dire need of parallel taxiways to further augment day-to-day operations at the southern capital. Photo by Dirk Salcedo - PPSG/AUP.
The development of the parallel taxiway is part of the Davao International Airport Development Project of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) which is a prequel of the yet-to-be-approved Php 48.9 billion Davao Airport modernization expected to be awarded to Chelsea Logistics Holdings Corp.

As of December 4, 2019, the Notice to Proceed (NTP) was already served to Unimasters Conglomeration, Inc., the contractor of the said airport project, with the contract already signed amounting to Php 289,608,355.80 solely for the parallel taxiway development.

The implementation of this significant project is scheduled to begin seven (7) days after the receipt of the NTP to be completed within three hundred sixty (360) days from the start of the project.

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