Caspian Airlines MD-83 crashes onto street in Iran

Aviation Updates Philippines – A Caspian Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83 overshot Runway 13 upon landing at Mahshahr Airport (MRX) in Iran as it operated flight IV-6936 from Tehran-Mehrabad (THR). It is the second aviation crash on Monday after a Sikorsky S-76B crashed earlier in the US, killing NBA star Kobe Bryant among its nine occupants.
SECOND CRASH OF THE DAY. The aviation industry kicks off 2020 with a not-so-good start. Photo by Getty Images.
Flight 6936 attempted the landing at around 7:50 am local time after a one-hour flight from Iran's capital airport. As it landed, the aircraft overran the runway and hit the airport's perimeter fence and then onto the nearby street.

The aircraft (registered EP-CPZ) carried 136 passengers and 8 crew members. Fortunately, all aboard the 25-year-old plane survived with only two passengers injured. No casualties were reported on the ground as the MD-83 hit the expressway.

The Aviation Herald reported that ground observers at the airport said that "the aircraft landed long, went through the airport perimeter fence and came to a stop at the Expressway."

Actual footage from the crash site immediately spread through social media. Based on the user-uploaded videos, it can be seen that the aircraft did not sustain any other visible damages on the outside except for the underbelly.

Iran's Accident Investigation Board is currently investigating the probable causes of the crash. A preliminary report was released where information about the scheduled flight was detailed.