Boeing schedules 777X first flight on Jan. 23

Aviation Updates Philippines – Boeing has confirmed that the Boeing 777X will lift off from the ground for the first time on Thursday, January 23. Drawbacks and delays brought the program several months behind schedule as the American aircraft manufacturer recovers from the 737 MAX crisis.
AT LAST, FIRST FLIGHT. Boeing confirmed that the 777-9's first flight is scheduled on Thursday, January 23. Photo by Paine Field - @mattcawby.
Aviation regulators require new aircraft to undergo a series of tests on the ground and up in the air before it can be accepted to enter commercial service.

The first flight of Boeing's latest take on the Boeing 777 series is scheduled to take-off from Paine Field (PAE), where it currently undergoes ground testing, at 10:00 am PST. The aircraft will land at Seattle airport (SEA) at around 3:00 pm PST.

Notable Boeing officials and aviation authorities are expected to be present on Thursday⁠.

However, Boeing stressed that the first flight could again be pushed back once inclement weather and other external factors prove to be daunting.

A while back, the 777X series' first flight was delayed due to issues on the airframe and the engines produced by General Electric.

The Boeing 777-9 aircraft, the largest in the 777X series, boasts state-of-the-art specifications targeted to be the replacement for the aging Boeing 747 fleet around the globe.

The 426-seat aircraft, powered by the world's largest engine (GE9X), features folding wingtips, larger windows, a wider cabin, new lighting, new architecture, among others. Its larger engines enable the jet to fly up to 7,285 nautical miles.

With reports from HeraldNet, The Points Guy, and MSN