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Boeing 777X completes first flight

Aviation Updates Philippines – Boeing's latest take on commercial aircraft production, the Boeing 777X program, has proved to be a success in today's inaugural flight which departed from Paine Field (PAE) at around 10:00 am local time today. Tons of aviation enthusiasts and distinguished officials from Boeing graced the event that named itself to be a momentous feat for the crisis-stricken aircraft manufacturer.
RENEWED SUCCESS. Will the Boeing 777X program spell success for Boeing this year? Photo by The Associated Press
On the morning of January 25th (Pacific Standard Time), the first Boeing 777-9, the stretched variant version in the 777X series, departed Boeing's playground for a four-hour flight which comprised of series of tests to gain certification from aviation regulators especially with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

After months of delay from its original test flight schedule, the aircraft, with registry N779XW, lifted off from Paine Field (PAE) at 10:09 am local time. The aircraft's callsign was Boeing One (BOE1)—a callsign that strikes aviators into knowing that this is a very special flight.

After a 3-hour and 51-minute test flight around Washington state, the inaugural flight culminated with fans and Boeing executives warmly welcoming the arrival of the jet at Boeing Field, Seattle (BFI). The Boeing 777X rolled through Runway 34L at around 2:00 pm local time.

The test flight was originally scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 23. However, the inconducive flight environment brought by strong winds, rain, and chilly weather stalled the test flight. It was rescheduled again on Friday, but the aircraft went back to its nest again due to the same conditions.

Before allowed to enter service, the Boeing 777X series will need to undergo rigorous testings and certification flights from major international aviation regulators to seek approval. Amid the delays, Boeing still plans to deliver the first Boeing 777-9X to an airline's doorstep within the year.

Boeing hit bumps on the way to achieving this very success. The Boeing 737 MAX program crisis heftily impacted the 777X program. However, as this giant beast unfolds its wings, sunlight may shine upon Boeing again soon. Without any doubt, the Boeing 777X is the sky's next gamechanger.

The Boeing 777X series, composed of the stretched Boeing 777-9 and the shorter Boeing 777-8 variant, is the American aircraft manufacturer's latest bet on the aviation industry. It promises more savings due to its new efficient folding wingtips, larger cabin, state-of-the-art GE9X engines, and latest technology from the Boeing 787 series.

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