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Garuda Indonesia eyes Manado-Davao-Manila link

Aviation Updates Philippines – Local Indonesian news outlets posted reports about the possibility of launching a triangular route between Manado (Indonesia), Davao, and Manila to be operated by Indonesia's flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia.
REVIVAL OF THE DAVAO-MANADO ROUTE. During the 1990s, Bouraq Airlines operated direct flights between Davao, Philippines and Manado, Indonesia. However, the airline ceased operations when it declared bankruptcy. Wings Air and Sriwijaya Air also attempted to restart the route but with no success. Unknown photo source.
According to two separate reports from Sulawesi News and Tribun Manado, the Association of Indonesian Travel Companies or Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (Asita) convened with officials from Garuda Indonesia in Manado to discuss this matter.

“This route is Garuda's initiative to open it, meaning that this flight is regular, not chartered. There is a potential market, both in terms of tourism and business. Not to mention the many Filipino expatriates in Manado,” Special Staff of the North Sulawesi Governor for Tourism Dino Gobel told Bisnis.com on Thursday.

In a separate article, Dino was quoted saying: “The meeting discussed for sure the Garuda Indonesia airline, which has confirmed that it will officially be flown in Manado-Davao-Manila using a 90-seat jet Bombardier type.”

Dino is referring to Garuda's 96-seat Bombardier CRJ-1000ER aircraft. The flag carrier currently operates 18 of the type specified for regional routes.

He also added that the route is expected to start by the end of September, flying two times weekly on Mondays and Fridays.

Officials from Garuda Indonesia, both in the management department and the Manado local branch, confirmed that the launching of the route is in talks. However, more details are not available publicly since it is still being discussed.

Garuda Indonesia's Commerce Director Pikri Ilham confirmed through Bisnis.com that “his office was reviewing plans to open the international flight route.”

“Yes [the Manado-Davao route] is being studied. It was presented this week,” he said.

In addition, Garuda Indonesia General Manager for Manado Branch Mac Fee Kindangen confirmed the plans: “This plan is still being discussed by directors related to the type of aircraft, flight schedules, and other details.”

Dino said this new link between the Philippines and Indonesia will be beneficial to the locals and businessmen since transiting through Manila for the United States is much cheaper than transiting through Jakarta or Singapore.

He also stressed that Indonesians would need to fly to Singapore to travel to Davao, which makes the travel time even longer.

All statements were based on translations provided by Google. Some may be edited for easier reading.


  1. Give it a few months then the service will be either called off or commercially unviable.

  2. makassar are much better than manado


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