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Qatar Airways to commence Dreamliner service to Davao

Aviation Updates Philippines – Doha-based airline, Qatar Airways plans to launch initial service to Davao, Philippines direct from Doha, Qatar on June 18, 2019. Back then, the airline and the Philippine government signed an air pact which allows Qatar Airways to increase frequencies in Manila, but, in return, should launch a new service to any point in the country.
DREAMLINER IS COMING TO TOWN. Davao is now connected to the whole world with the launch of Qatar Airways' weekly service on June 18. Photo from Raymond – Flickr.
According to an article published by The Points Guy, the airline executive said that Davao will initially be served once a week on-board its Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner aircraft. He explained that this route will have limited operation for a while citing lack of aircraft available for the route. It will possibly be expanded to three weekly flights depending on aircraft deliveries.

The airline's chief executive Mr. Akbar Al Baker announced Davao as its newest destination for 2019 with six more scheduled to be launched within the year. The announcement was made at the ITB Berlin, the world’s largest international travel and tourism trade show.

Al Baker emphasized the airline's aggressive expansion plans which includes the launch of direct flights to Lisbon, Portugal; Malta; Rabat, Morocco; Langkawi, Malaysia; Izmir, Turkey; and Mogadishu, Somalia.

“We are also tremendously excited to be adding seven new destinations to our rapidly expanding global route network later this year, and to be able to connect our passengers to anywhere in the world they wish to go,” Al Baker said.

Qatar Airways, on its booking website, opened reservation for two weekly flights on Tuesdays and Fridays; however, this has been removed. The service is now scheduled to operate weekly every Fridays departing Doha at 2:45am (AST) and arriving Davao at 8:50pm (PST, local time) with an hour and a half technical stop at Clark. It will then proceed directly to Doha at 10:20pm (PST).

A one-off service on June 18, Tuesday, is available for booking. This flight, however, flies from Doha to Davao and then to Clark before flying back en route to Doha. Both flights will be operated by a single flight number under QR 936.

The inaugural flight will depart from Doha and arrive in Davao at 5:20pm (PST). It will then depart to Clark at 6:50pm (PST), merely having an hour and a half technical stop to pick-up and unload passengers. The flight will continue to Doha from that point.

Doha will be Davao’s first long-haul destination and also the fourth international destination from the Southern capital. It is the fruit of the government’s continuous push in connecting more airports outside Manila. The launch is made possible because of the signed agreement between the government and Qatar Airways back in 2017.

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