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Cebu Pacific implements fuel surcharge

Aviation Updates Philippines - Due to rising fuel prices in the aviation market, airlines worldwide have been struggling to gain profit for the past few quarters. It has much affected airlines in the Philippines.

In a press release dated last week, Cebu Pacific Air, together with Cebgo, announced that it will be imposing fuel surcharges on all of its international and domestic routes from September 19, 2018 until November 12, 2018.

This is in accordance to the resolution released by the Civil Aeronautics Board.

The fuel surcharges are to be included in the ticket per passenger, per way. However, when an unused portion of the ticket is refunded, the corresponding fuel surcharge will be refunded in full.

More Philippine air carriers will be imposing fuel surcharges on flights whenever they secure CAB approval. This will raise airfares in the country. 

Back in 2013, major airlines in the Philippines eliminated fuel surcharge due to decreasing fuel prices in the market during that time. 

As of May 2018, Jet-A1 fuel costs 111.71 Philippine pesos per gallon. This is significantly higher compared to prices that go as low as 44.18 Philippine pesos per gallon back in mid-2015.

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