China Airlines 747 grounded in Manila due to bird strike

Aviation Updates Philippines - The Manila International Airport Authority is continuing the investigation in a bird strike incident involving a China Airlines Boeing 747-400 at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

According to reports, a dead bird was found at the aircraft's left wing after landing yesterday morning. Fortunately, the aircraft involved landed safely in Manila as flight CI 701 from Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwan's Central News Agency cited the airline's manager saying the aircraft will not be able to take-off with a damaged wing for the next flight as will be against the regulations. "The manager extended apologies to passengers on behalf of CAL, and said parts and components would arrive from Taipei today for repair of the plane."

190 passengers of the return flight to Taipei, CI 702, were accommodated on the next flight in the afternoon, CI 704. Flight 702 was scheduled to take-off at 10:35 am, but due to the incident, the flight was cancelled.

The MIAA and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines are investigating the carcass of the bird. The pilots of the flight were both unaware of the bird strike until the ground crew and maintenance personnel reported their findings.
CAL 747 birdstrike