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'Laglag bala' Victimizing Passengers in NAIA?

Aviation Updates Philippines - A first time tourist was detained for five days by airport police at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 for allegedly concealing a bullet in his checked-in baggage.
According to Lane Michael White, a security guard of the airport pulled out a .22 caliber bullet from his luggage after scanning it on the X-ray machine in NAIA. He was told that the problem will be settled if he pays Php 30,000 to them. (PHOTO) Mark Evans - Philippine PlaneSpotters Group
Lane Michael White, 20, was travelling to Palawan with his father and stepmother when they were stopped at the X-ray scanner area of NAIA Terminal 4.

White said a security guard pulled out a .22 caliber bullet from the pocket of his luggage after repeatedly scanning it on the X-ray machine.

He denied that the bullet belonged to him. He told the security personnel he was not aware how it got inside the luggage.

During their conversation, White alleged that a male security personnel told him that his problem will be settled for P30,000.

White said he refused to settle with the NAIA personnel and instead insisted that he is innocent.

''God endured the pain when he was being whipped at the cross and if I need to be detained just to prove my innocence so be it," said White, who belongs to a missionary group.

White is the second person to make such allegations against airport personnel.

Last week, two bullets were mysteriously found at the luggage of a balikbayan, according to a post on Facebook which has been shared for nearly 70,000 times already.

The wheelchair-bound balikbayan said she paid P500 to the airport security personnel to allow her to depart the country.

The Office of the Transport Security, the agency that handles airport X-ray scanner operators, ordered the suspension of the involved personnel pending investigation into the complaint.

The OTS has yet to issue a statement on White's complaint.

White said he already hired a lawyer to answer the charges against him. He is contemplating on pressing civil and criminal charges against the people who attempted to extort money from him.

Airport sources disclosed that the so-called ''Laglag Bala'' gang was already disbanded by previous airport managements.

Originally published by ABS-CBN News at http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/metro-manila/09/24/15/laglag-bala-victimizing-passengers-naia


  1. Laglag bala news is not the first scheme perpetraded by airport staff,this is just one of many.
    Back in 1992,went home because of family emergency. As I was going to custom,somebody told me to slip $5 or $10 inside my passport so that the inspector would not empty out my balikbayan box out on the floor.
    I haven't been back since then.

    Concern Pinoy

    1. Thank you for sending us your experience, Anonymous. Indeed, there are many people being victimized by that.

    2. sa mga nandiyan sa airport ano ba iyang pinag gagawa ninyo ang laking istorbo sa mga gustong mag trabho sa labas ng bansa tapos or sa mga tourista diyan ang laking kawalan sa ating ng tourist iyan hindi ba ninyo kayang gawan ng paraan iyan pati ang mga inosente traveler nabibiktima ng laglag bala na iyan tapos pag babayarin ninyo tapos papayagan na ninyo makaalis oh baka naman may kinalalaman kayo diyan .... hey president ng airport wala kabang magagawa diyan kumilos ka naman hindi iyong naka upo ka lang diyan nakakahiya kayo nawawalan tuloy ng tiwala ang mga tourist sa bulok na sistema ninyo hope magawanm ng paraan ni pangulong aquino itong problema na ito dahil nakakahiya at matatakot ang mga tourista pumunta diyan sa pilipinas dahil natatakot na sila sa pinag gagawa diyan sa airport

  2. dapat palitan iyang mga airport security laking kakahiyang sa buong mundo iyan ginagawa nila ikakasira ng goverment natin ,ano ba kayo mga airport security wala na ba kayong makain kaya puro kakahiyan lang ginagawa ninyo dapat alisin kayo diyan bulok na sisteme ginagawa ninyo at nakakahiya ang kapal ng mga mukha ninyo dapat imbestigahan ng NBI iyan mg airport security at iyong iba pang mga kasankot diyan sa modus operendi nila. isipin ninyo muna bago ninyo gawin dahil malaking kakahiyan sa pilipinas iyan bumababa ang pag tingin nila sa atin dahil sa pinag gagawa ninyong kabulastugan diyan sa airpot. Hey sa nakakataan diyan sa airport mag resign kana diyan kung hindi mo kayang ganpanan ang trabaho para security ng mga pasahero ,sino ba naman pasahero ang guston maiwana ng biyahe dahil sa kakagawan ng mga nandiyan sa airport nag kakaluko luko diyan sa airport. pls president aquino ano ba itong nangyayari sa airport wala kabang magagawa dito sa tanim bala na ito mahiya hiya naman kayo diyan sa airport huwag isipin ang sarili lang ninyo kakarmahin din kayo sa pinag gagawa ninyo

  3. I am ashamed to be Pinoy because of this. Why are you people always inventing ways to scam people? You could have used your brain in thinking of how to make extra money legally or just be happy with what you already have. You obviously have jobs at the airport so have income but are just really greedy. Shame on you


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