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SkyJet prevents fleet from flying

Aviation Updates Philippines - SkyJet Airlines' Administration voluntarily prevented its fleet from flying due to safety concerns starting June 4, 2015, according to Inquirer.net. SkyJet recently secured a 20-day temporary restraining order from a regional trial court which averts the suspension issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).
A British Aerospace BAe 146-100 aircraft being prepared for a flight.
(PHOTO) SkyJet Airlines
In a letter to CAAP, SkyJet Airlines President Dino Chua apologized to the agency and assured to ground the entire fleet of SkyJet starting June 4 for CAAP's safety team to investigate the aircraft and the airline's management.

“We also recognize the power and authority of the director general (William K Hotchkiss lll) to ensure safety above all,” he said. According to Chua, the airline fully understands that air safety and security is paramount to the aviation agency.

SkyJet Airlines was involved in an overshooting incident in a 1,200 meter air strip in Balesin Island on October 2013. The aircraft, a British Aerospace 146-200 with the registration RP-C5525, received damages on its nose after it overshot 200 meters from the runway, hit a fence, and swerved nearly 90 degrees.

Meanwhile, SkyJet secured a 20-day temporary restraining order from a regional trial court after finding CAAP's suspension was premature. “The suspension order was premature and was done without investigation and proper inspection of the aircraft of the plaintiff. Hence, violative of constitutional and economic rights of plaintiff and causing damages to the airline company,” according to the court's decision.

SkyJet Airlines' Chief Operating Officer, Capt. Ted Fojas said that the Civil Aviation Authority's immediate suspension order affected about 3,000 passengers. The airline currently flies to Batanes, Busuanga, Boracay, Baler, Borongan and Kalibo. 

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