Actress offloaded due to unruly behavior – A Cebu Pacific Air flight bound for Pagadian was forced to return to Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 after Melissa Mendez, a Filipina film and TV actress, exhibited disorderly behavior during pre-flight preparations. Mendez was escorted off the plane by a team of 20 Aviation security personnel.

Security personnel seen escorting Ms. Mendez inside the aircraft. Photo from Andrew Wolff's Instagram.

Media reports indicate that Mendez declined to vacate a seat that had been reserved for another passenger. The 50-year-old actress is alleged to have physically assaulted a flight attendant and verbally abused a friend of a Philippine rugby player.

According to Andrew Wolff, a witness to the incident, Mendez was issued three warnings by the Cebu Pacific staff but failed to comply. "She punched my friend and the flight attendants and had to be restrained. The captain announced: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, I apologize, but we have to go back to Manila due to one unruly passenger,'" Wolff recounted in his statement.

Cebu Pacific confirmed that Flight 5J 771 departed Manila at 9:20 AM and was scheduled to arrive in Pagadian at 10:37 AM. The airline is currently liaising with the relevant authorities regarding the incident.

Wolff further stated, “Ang mga taga-Cebu Pacific na po na walang kinakampihan ang makapagbigay ng totoo, walang labis at walang kulang na salaysay [The people of Cebu Pacific will be the only one to determine the true cause of the incident, no excess and no missing information].”