Thai Airways unveils first 787, deploys in Manila by August

Aviation Updates Philippines - Thai Airways International unveiled its first Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner and revealed the cabin products that passengers can expect on the new aircraft. The aircraft was equipped with 264 seats in a two class configuration, 24 business class and 240 economy class seats.

Thai Airways' First Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
(PHOTO) Thai Airways International

The first Boeing 787 was rolled out of the Boeing Factory in Seattle showcasing Thai's white and purple livery. The aircraft was one of the 10 Dreamliners ordered by Thai, compromising 6 Boeing 787-8 and 4 Boeing 787-9.

The Royal Silk business class cabin will be equipped with a 16 inch personal television with Panasonic eX3 for in-flight entertainment. The Royal Silk cabin are arrange in 2-2-2 seat configuration that can pitches up to 60 inches.

In economy class, seats are configured as 3-3-3 and are equipped individually with 11-inch seatback monitor, also using the Panasonic eX3 in-flight entertainment system. Economy class seats pitches up to 32 inches.

According to, the Dreamliner will be deployed in Chiang Mai starting July 8 to August 31, and will finally be deployed in Manila starting August 8 but ends in August 31 followed by Perth and Tokyo Narita.

Thai will operate Boeing 787 flights to Manila on a daily basis. Thai Airways flight TG 620 departs Bangkok at 7:40 AM, arrives Manila at 11:55 PM. The return flight, Thai Airways flight TG 621 departs Manila at 1:05 PM, arrives Bangkok at 3:20 PM.

After August 31, flights to Manila will be downgraded to either Airbus A330 or Boeing 777. However, flights to Tokyo Narita and Perth will operate simultaneously starting September 1. If the aircraft performs well in Manila, it can be Thai's 3rd Boeing 787 destination.

The first 787 will be delivered in July with five more planes being delivered in the next 12 months. The airline will also be welcoming 15 new Airbus A350s which is expected to be delivered soon. Thai Airways' fleet is compromised with 90 aircraft.