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Public Flight Reviews

Aviation Updates Philippines - Interviews were conducted by the Aviation Updates Philippines editor last June 9, 2014.

(PHOTO) Bernard Montemor Photography

  • Emanuel Louis F. Nabos

“There is air traffic in NAIA which caused our flight to depart 15 minutes late. The authorities of the airport should upgrade its air traffic control and add more runways. We saw several airplanes at the taxiway waiting for their turn to take-off. Despite the disappointing air traffic in NAIA, I spent the time eating a chicken burger on-board our Cebu Pacific flight,” he said.

Editor’s Response: Emanuel, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is already congested. But, authorities are currently rehabilitating NAIA’s Terminal 1 and 3 to better serve passengers. Another runway is also being planned to be located beside NAIA’s Runway 06-24 to ease congestion. Unfortunately, Air Traffic Controllers are now leaving the Philippines to seek greener pasture abroad.

  • Edrian Louis F. Nabos

“Cebu Pacific has a small room in their toilet and I really can’t sleep properly because of the engine noise. I suggest Cebu Pacific will replace its in-flight magazines and safety instructions because some of them are damaged and cannot be read. Cebu Pacific’s in-flight merchandise is so expensive and the games are so boring which only takes around 5 minutes or less,” he said.

Editor’s Response: Hey Edrian! Engine noises are normal for a plane during take-off or landing. The airline also replaces its in-flight magazines and safety instructions every month.

  • Jesus James E. Santos

“Cebu Pacific is a good airline which gives you the best and gives you all you need. Cebu Pacific also provides delicious and healthy snacks. You won’t be bored because of the fun games conducted by the flight attendants,” he said.

Editor’s Response: Hey James! Cebu Pacific will surely acknowledge what you said about their airline.

  • Miko Louis Manligoy

“My flight was Cebu Pacific flight 5J 597 from Cebu to Davao. The flight was delayed by 20 minutes which caused me to be disappointed. We also experienced a long turbulence and landed 40 minutes delayed from the scheduled arrival time,” he said.

Editor’s Response: Hey Miko! Expect delays from Cebu because of a slight congestion or because of the late turnaround of the aircraft. Experiencing turbulence is normal and is nothing to be afraid of.

  • Ace Adrian Magno Jr. 

“My flight from Kalibo to Davao was exciting because when we are about to go home (Davao), the editor and I met inside the airport. We also had a same flight back to Davao flying with a Cebu Pacific Air Airbus A320. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed for 3 hours due to damaged aircraft service from Manila. The plane was supposed to depart at around 8:30 AM, but we boarded the plane at around 12:30 PM. However, Cebu Pacific gave us a lunch (Chicken with rice from a fast-food restaurant) to fill our hungry tummies. Inside the plane, I also experienced head ache.

Editor’s Response: Wow Ace! You really remembered our flight back to Davao! How wonderful it was while meeting you inside the departure area. I really appreciate what Cebu Pacific gave us.

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