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AirAsia: Piso Fare Misunderstanding

Aviation Updates Philippines - AirAsia, on all its promos, provide ALL-IN fares the moment you search for flights on our website so you know what you’ll really be paying for.

Fare Bracket System (PHOTO) AirAsiaPhilippines - Facebook

During promo sales such as our #REDHotPiso sale this week, our fare seats are classified into three fare brackets: 

(1) Promo seats are the lowest possible fares, which in this case, are the P1 base fare seats;
(2) Discounted seats have fares which are slightly higher compared to the promo seats, but are still on a BIG sale compared to the original fare. These fares usually come out when the promo seats were already availed
(3) And lastly, the full priced seats are the original fare of the seats for that specific flight or destination

Also, since we only use an ALL-IN-FARE format on our website, you wouldn't find flights that would only cost you P1. As shown on the photo, Piso sale refers to the base fare or the amount that you are paying an airline for its seats. Other fees (which do not go to the airline) are fuel surcharge, VAT, terminal fee and processing fee (depending on the payment option).

Adding all those up, you will be able to get the all-in-fare of a #REDHotPiso flight from as low as P649. After this all-in-fare, you may still be able to incur more fees by purchasing travel essential add-ons (in-flight meals, insurance, pick-a-seat & upsize baggage allowance) which are ALL OPTIONAL & can be unchecked while booking. 

Book your AirAsia Zest and AirAsia Philippines flights in their website. And don't forget to like their Facebook page and follow their Twitter account for inquiries and clarifications. 

Source: AirAsiaPhilippines - Facebook

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