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Cebu Pacific hires 700 more personnel, Philippine Airlines freezes hiring

Aviation Updates Philippines - Gokongwei-led Cebu Pacific is hiring more personnel on its airline operations. Meanwhile, Philippine Airlines implemented a freeze-hiring policy which freezes hiring of personnel.

Cebu Pacific Air will approximately have 3,995 personnel in the end of this year. The airline had 3,297 personnel in the end of 2013.

In 2013, Cebu Pacific had a total of P512 million after suffering a P2 billion loss. In 2012, the airline enjoyed its P3.6 billion profit.
(PHOTO) Bernard Montemor Photography

Philippine Airlines, in 2013, reported a P9 billion loss for the last nine months. A trusted source said that it was because of the refleeting and modernization program of Philippine Airlines.

On the refleeting and modernization program of Philippine Airlines, the airline retired twenty planes, including the four Boeing 747-400s being retired at this time.

On the positive side, Philippine Airlines managed to slash P1.1 billion, a 36 percent reduction, in general and administrative expenses last year with new president Ramon S. Ang cutting down on consultancy, legal and professional services.

In a press conference, Philippine Airlines' President, Ramon Ang said that Lance Gokongwei is his good friend and his idol.

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