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Philippine Airlines, Asia's oldest fleet joins airlines with the youngest

One of the A330s to be retired. Good Bye my friend!
(PHOTO) Kaoru Kojima - Planespotters.net
Aviation Updates Philippines - Philippine Airlines, previously one of the Asia's oldest fleet, now joins the airlines with the youngest fleet following the completion of the $261 million re-fleeting/modernization program to replace the aging planes. Previously, Philippine Airlines' average fleet age is 15 years, now, 3.5 years.

Philippine Airlines is set to retire 20 planes as it starts re-fleeting this year. The 20 planes include the older Airbus A330-301, as Philippine Airlines replaced them with Airbus A330-343X which is more fuel efficient.

"The retirement of PAL’s old fleet is part of a turnaround strategy aimed at transforming the flag carrier into Asia’s airline of choice through a simple game-changing program of fleet modernization, network expansion and service innovation" Ramon Ang, PAL's President said.

A report from Airline News Philippines said that the 4 Boeing 747-400 was already sold (Ramon Ang said).

In the first 9 months of 2013, Philippine Airlines reported a comprehensive loss of $229.7-million. But, that happened to cover the $261-million modernization program to retire its aging fleet.

Lifting us to Category 1, means Philippine Airlines could deploy their new planes, add more flights and explore new destinations in the United States. He also said it was planning to re-launch New York flights.

This month, Philippine Airlines said it would use their 6 Boeing 777-300ER (previously operated by the Boeing 747-400) to the US. Philippine Airlines said in using these more fuel-efficient planes, PAL could save $160 million a year.

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