Blind boarding: Cebu Pacific's Tigerair confusion takes flight – In the bustling world of Philippine aviation, confusion reigns supreme. The recent merger between Tigerair and Cebu Pacific has left passengers in a state of disarray, leading to missed flights and a flurry of unanswered questions.

The crux of the issue lies in the lack of communication. Passengers, unaware of the Cebu Pacific-Tigerair deal, are left in the dark about which aircraft they will be boarding. Imagine booking a flight with Tigerair, only to find yourself on a Cebu Pacific plane. The Tigerair planes are no more, returned to their lessor, replaced by Cebu Pacific's Airbus A320 planes. These planes bear the Cebu Pacific livery, with a small "Operated by Tigerair" insignia on both sides. But can passengers really see it?

Consider this scenario: two Cebu Pacific planes sit on the tarmac. One is a Cebu Pacific flight at Gate 3, the other a Tigerair flight at Gate 4, unbeknownst to the passengers. The potential for confusion is rife. In my opinion, confusion is inevitable, especially when some passengers pay little heed to the announcements. 

Your boarding pass clearly states your gate number. If you're assigned to Gate 4, why would you join the Cebu Pacific passengers at Gate 3? Despite the clarity of the boarding pass and the announcements, confusion persists. But who's to blame? The airline? The passengers? Or is it simply a case of miscommunication?