Malaysian Prime Minister confirms MH-370 route change based on new data

In a significant escalation of the ongoing investigation into missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH-370, Prime Minister Najib Razak released a statement confirming that the plane's communications systems were deliberately disabled and that its course was drastically altered.

Razak outlined the government's actions taken since the plane disappeared, emphasizing the commitment to transparency and international cooperation. He detailed the initial focus on the South China Sea before revealing the critical satellite data.

Razak stated:

Based on new satellite information, we can say with a high degree of certainty that the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System was disabled just before the aircraft reached the East coast of peninsular Malaysia.

He added:

Today, based on raw satellite data that was obtained from the satellitle data service provider, we can confirm that the aircraft show in the primary radar data was flight MH370.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the unprecedented scope of the expanded search area, noting the multiple countries now involved in the operation. He stressed that Malaysia is seeking all relevant information, particularly radar data, from any nation potentially impacted by the new flight corridors.

Underscoring the international aspect of the ongoing investigation, Razak confirmed:

As the two new corridors involve many countries, the relevant foreign embassies have been invited to a briefing on the new information today by the Malaysian Foreign Ministry and the technical experts.