AirAsia Zest leads in passenger complaints for Q1 – In the competitive landscape of the Philippine aviation industry, AirAsia Zest has been making waves. However, it's not for reasons one might expect. Despite having the resources to rival industry giants like Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, AirAsia Zest has surpassed them in a less desirable category - passenger complaints.

In June 2013, an incident involving a passenger of AirAsia Zest highlighted the issue. The passenger had booked a flight to Cagayan de Oro, only to be informed by the airline that her flight was cancelled due to a "network realignment".

Adding to her frustration, she was provided with a new schedule without any further explanation.

Another case involved a passenger named Hans Manapat, who had a grievance with Cebu Pacific. Upon his arrival in Malaysia, he discovered that his guitar had been damaged. 

Manapat stated:

They charge 40 pesos per kilo, and they claimed the guitar weighed 6 kilos. That's 240 pesos that I declined again. Their third offer was $50, but they refused to pay for the guitar or provide a reasonable offer.

Manapat's experience is not unique, as he is one of dozens of passengers who have lodged complaints against the airline.

According to a report from the Civil Aeronautics Board, AirAsia Zest topped the list of airlines with the most complaints in the first quarter.