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AirAsia Zest tops list of most number of complaints in Q1

(Aviation Updates Philippines) - The AirAsia Zest may have the resources to challenge Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, but it's already exceeding them in passenger complaints.

Last June 2013, a passenger of AirAsia Zest booked a flight to Cagayan de Oro. The airline informed her that her flight will be cancelled due to "Network Realignment". The worst is she will be given a new schedule.

Another passenger, Hans Manapat, was complaining about Cebu Pacific, when he arrived in Malaysia, he found out that his guitar was broken. "40 pesos per kilo, and according to them the guitar weighed 6 kilos. So that's 240 pesos na dinecline ko ulit. The third offer was $50, hindi nila babayaran ang guitara or... hindi sila nagbigay ng reasonable offer." Manapat was just one of dozens of passengers complaining to the airline.

In the first quarter, Civil Aeronautics Board reported AirAsia Zest having most of the complaints.

This is a screen capture from a ANC report. 

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