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8 domestic flights cancelled due to ‘Caloy’

Philippine Airlines Airbus A320-214 RP-C8614 (PHOTO) Adrian Smith
EIGHT domestic flights were cancelled yesterday due to strong rains and gusty winds brought by typhoon Caloy over Visayas and Mindanao regions

Cancelled flights were the Cebu Pacific flights 5J 781 and 5J 782 Manila-Ozamis-Manila; 5J 397 and 5J 398 Manila-Cagayan-Manila; 5J 383 and 5J 384 Manila-Cagayan-Manila and PAL Express flights 2P 065 and 2P 066 Manila-Surigao-Manila.

MIAA general manager Jose Angel Honrado said the move was part of safety measures being imposed during bad weather.

He advised stranded passengers to coordinate with their respective airlines for re-booking.

Caloy was spotted 150 kms. east of Surigao City early yesterday morning with maximum winds of 45 kph and is moving westwards.  Willy Balasa

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