Local airlines request more seat entitlements to Singapore

Local airlines, spearheaded by the national flag carrier, Philippine Airlines Inc. (PAL), are actively seeking to increase their seat entitlements for flights to Singapore. 

PAL is leading the charge with a request for an additional 2,186 seats per week on the Manila-Singapore route. Its subsidiary, PAL Express, is not far behind, applying for an increase of 1,638 seats per week.

Cebu Pacific is also joining the race, applying for a significant increase of 3,459 seats per week. They plan to accommodate this increase using their A330 aircraft, which boasts a capacity of 436 seats. Tigerair Philippines, a recent addition to the local airline industry, is seeking an increase of 1,260 seats per week, with each of their aircraft having a capacity of 180 seats.

AirAsia Zest and its parent company, AirAsia, are also part of this pursuit. They are applying for 2,520 and 1,260 additional seats per week, respectively.

This collective effort comes on the heels of the successful conclusion of the second air talks between the Philippines and Singapore earlier this month. The two nations reached an agreement to increase the number of seats and simultaneously expand the freedom traffic rights between them.

Following these talks, the Philippines and Singapore signed a memorandum of understanding on air services. This agreement will see the number of seats on the Manila-Singapore route increase to approximately 16,800 per week for each country, up from the current allocation of 13,800 seats.