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Philippine Airlines transferring all domestic flights to PAL Express?

PAL Express Airbus A320-214 RP-C8395 (PHOTO) Christian Junker - AHKGAP
Aviation Updates Philippines - Philippine Airlines transferring all domestic flights to PAL Express? 

We have received news that starting March 1, 2014, PAL Express will serve the domestic routes served by Philippine Airlines. The domestic routes served by Philippine Airlines are Cebu, General Santos, Davao and Kalibo.

"Did PAL Express closed their Cebu hub?" Facebook netizens asked. "PAL Express will shut down?" One said. We still don't have enough information about that.

From the earlier post, we have said that there are several domestic flights cancelled. In connection to this Philippine Airlines had apologized to their passengers, they could booked and re-accommodated in other flights.
We have tried mock booking, it shows that flights are all operated by PAL Express except PR808 in March 1, 2014.

The following flights that will be suspended starting March 1 are 2P 230 Cebu-Bacolod; 2P 231 Bacolod-Cebu; 2P 380 Cebu-Iloilo; 2P 381 Iloilo-Cebu; 2P 982 General Santos-Iloilo; 2P 981 Iloilo-General Santos; 2P 297 Cebu-Ozamiz; 2P 298 Ozamiz-Cebu; 2P 303 Cebu-Puerto Princesa; 2P 304 Puerto Princesa-Cebu; 2P 236 Cebu-Tacloban; 2P 237 Tacloban-Cebu; 2P 363 Cebu-Davao; and 2P 364 Davao-Cebu.

The flights that will be suspended starting March 16 include 2P 362 Butuan-Cebu; 2P 361 Cebu-Butuan; 2P 287 Cebu-Cagayan; 2P 297 Cebu-Cagayan; 2P 288 Cagayan-Cebu; 2P 296 Cagayan-Cebu; 2P 365 Cebu-Davao; 2P 366 Davao-Cebu; 2P 395 Cagayan-Davao; 2P 396 Davao-Cagayan; 2P 384 Cebu-Iloilo; 2P 385 Iloilo-Cebu; 2P 279 Cebu-Caticlan; 2P 278 Catican-Cebu; 2P 241 Cebu-Zamboanga; 2P 242 Zamboanga-Cebu; 2P 273 Davao-Zamboanga; 2P 272 Zamboanga-Davao; 2P 246 Jolo-Zamboanga; 2P 244 Tawi-Tawi-Zamboanga; and 2P 243 Zamboanga-Tawi-Tawi.

Philippine Airlines also expanded its code sharing agreement with PAL Express to allow it to continue to expand its network and optimize its existing fleet and resources.

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