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Doha’s New Airport To Open Mid-2014

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Aviation Updates Philippines - Qatar Airways and 10 international airlines will operate services from the airport, including Air Arabia, Air India Express, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, flydubai, Iran Air, Nepal Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines, RAK Airways, Syrian Air and Yemen Airways.

Initially slated to open in 2012 and then again in April 2013, Qatar’s new Hamad International Airport (HIA) is scheduled for a phased opening by mid-2014. When construction is complete, the airport will have five concourses and 65 gates and offer passengers a variety of amenities, including 16 lounges, more than 100 dining and retail outlets, a hotel, a luxury spa, a pool, squash courts and a large Islamic-architecture public mosque for 500 worshippers.

”The $15 billion new airport will open with three concourses, 41 gates and a capacity for 30 million people. According to Abdul Aziz Mohammad Al-Noaimi, chairman of the Steering Committee of the new airport, the delays were “a result changes requested during construction to expand the project, as well as challenges we faced regarding some contracts.”

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