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SkyJet gets new President

(PHOTO) SkyJet
(The Philippine StarMANILA, Philippines - Young businessman- politician Dino Reyes-Chua is the new president of Magnum Air (SkyJet) Inc. This was formally announced last December during the company’s corporate meeting of Skyjet Airlines by Dr. Joel Mendoza who will remain as chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of the company after relinquishing his post as president.
Mendoza said that a group of investors led by Chua infused additional capital to strengthen the position and operation of SkyJet Airlines starting this 2014.
Chua, 33, is also the chairman & president of Greenbelt Hotels international which operates hotel & resort properties in Ayala Center, Makati and Coastal Bay, Cavite respectively.
He also plans to open two more hotels this year. He also served as the youngest vice-mayor of Cavite City from 2004 up to 2010 and currently sits as a provincial board member of Cavite.
“We want to be known as a first class Leisure Airline and stay away from those budget arlines that are competing neck to neck with each other, resulting to bad services and unsatisfied customers in the tourism industry” said the Stanford -trained Chua.
“We will continue to develop our own niche in offering the only jet service to unique and exotic island destinations of the Philippines such as Coron in Palawan, Batanes, Catanduanes (Catarman), Siargao (Surigao) and Boracay (Caticlan) using a fleet of 2 British Aerospace Jet Aircraft with an 80 seater passenger and 3,000kg (three tons) of cargo capacity.”
These jet aircraft are the same aircraft used by the Royal British Family in United Kingdom making it one of the most safest jet in the World. Bae-146 is also known as the “whispering jet” because of its quiet 4-Engine that has excellent safety features that specializes in short runways STOL (Short take off and landing) which is veryapplicable to the short runways in most of the island tourist destination here in the Philippines which are not serviceable by bigger airplanes.

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