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AirAsia named Asia's best managed airline

(ABS-CBNNews.comMANILA, Philippines - Malaysia's AirAsia Berhad was named the "Best Managed Company in Asia for the Airlines and Aviation sector" by international magazine Euromoney.

This was the second straight year AirAsia has received the honor.

"It is great to be voted best managed company as it typifies our strength in ensuring cost is lowered and in the same time find innovative ways to increase revenues. Our focus is really to ensure analyst and investors fully understand the strength of the company in overcoming challenges by being innovative and cost discipline in our business," Tony Fernandes, AirAsia’s Group CEO commented said.

The Euromoney poll is based on replies received from a total of 93 of the leading equity analysts at the largest investment banks and research houses in the Asia Pacific region nominating a total of 214 different companies.

Analysts were asked to name which companies were the most impressive across a number of factors including; management accessibility, accounting transparency and corporate governance procedures.

AirAsia was also praised for its leading role in promoting transparent communication to investors, citing that “the company has a clear strategy and good visibility”.

Analysts also noted that “AirAsia senior management continues to demonstrate prudent gearing, transparency, good governance and clear articulation of strategy.”

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