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Delta B763 at Madrid on Dec 5th 2013, burst tyre on takeoff, hydraulic failure, taxiway excursion after landing

By Simon Hradecky - Aviation Herald

Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300, registration N182DN performing flight DL-415 from Madrid,SP (Spain) to New York JFK,NY (USA) with 200 passengers and 11 crew, blew the outboard aft right hand main gear tyre on departure from Madrid's runway 36L, the tyre debris penetrated the right hand wing causing damage to electrical (e.g. transponder) and hydraulic systems as well. The crew climbed to safe altitude, performed an alternate gear extension and returned to Madrid for a safe landing on runway 32L about 45 minutes after departure. While taxiing towards the apron, the aircraft veered left off the taxiway and came to a stop. The passengers disembarked via stairs and were bussed to the terminal. There were no injuries, the aircraft received substantial damage.

Debris off the tyre and wing was recovered from the departure runway.

Passenger Ana Arias tweeted that they thought a right hand wheel exploded just as the aircraft was rotating for takeoff, a panel on top of the right hand wing came off. The aircraft returned to Madrid for a safe landing but veered off the taxiway.

The airline confirmed a tyre blew on takeoff, the hydraulic problem is under investigation.

The right wing seen in the photo
(PHOTO) Ana Arias
The aircraft on the taxiway
(PHOTO) Ana Arias
The "guilty" tyre
(PHOTO) Ana Arias
Look Back on N182DN while on the bus
(PHOTO) Ana Arias

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