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Another airport eyed in Davao City

Davao International Airport
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(Sun Star Davao) ESTABLISHMENT of another airport is one of the few public-private partnership (PPP) projects being eyed for Davao City in the next few years, a city official said.
Davao City Investment Promotions Center (DCIPC) officer-in-charge Ivan C. Cortez told reporters on Friday that they have formed a PPP board that is yet to be approved and appointed by City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for initial planning.
They came up with a wish list, PPP projects that are being mulled for the city, and the airport is one of the major projects being eyed.
"We will be proposing for another airport which will be bigger, have better facilities, and will be for mixed used," Cortez said, adding that the planned airport will be similar to Singapore Changi International Airport.
He clarified the airport has yet to be proposed and is still under initial planning.
Infrastructure, economic requisites (e.g. theme parks, economic zones), social facilities, and service facilities, among others, are also some of the PPP projects that are in the wish list.
Cortez said for next year, they will be focusing on finalizing and listing of PPP projects for the city in coordination with City Planning office and the PPP Board.
"The mayor has yet to appoint the five members of the board which will basically come from business organizations," he said.
He said the board will see to it that the PPP projects will not be disadvantageous to the city.
"They will make sure it will be mutually beneficial for the government, investor, and beneficiaries," Cortez said.
They will also be pursuing the turnover of the Sta. Ana Wharf from the Philippine Ports Authority to the city.
He said once the wharf is turned over to the city government, they are eyeing to have a waterfront development in the coastal area which will also be a mixed used development.
Cortez said the development, which may be a PPP project, will include tenement homes, mangrove reforestations, and commercial buildings.
"These PPP propjects are generators because when they are in place there are spillover effects in terms of economic gains and activity," he said.

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