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Amazing ads use surveillance tech to react to planes

British Airways launches a series of interactive billboards in which children appear to react to real-world planes flying by and even explain which flight is in the air.

What a clever child.
(Credit: British Airways/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)
At least once in your life, you must have lain down on a wall or a lawn or in a prison exercise yard, looked up, and wondered where an overhead plane was going.
Is it off to Japan? Might it be wafting to Zambia? Could it even be Larry Page, floating off somewhere for an important meeting with aliens?
British Airways understands these feelings of fascination. So it's created quite remarkable digital billboards that help you learn about the planes you see in the sky.
As a plane flies over, a child points to it and reveals its precise identity.
Are these children possessed with special powers? Yes they are.
As The Drum reports, British Airways had surveillance technology specially adapted for use with these billboards.
It tracks the planes in the sky and when they're one of British Airways', the billboard switches to the image of the child wandering along and pointing to the plane.
It even gives the precise identity of the flight in question.
This is all quite mesmerizing. However, the picky might indicate that this brilliant idea has one psychological flaw: it seems only to identify flights landing in London.
If you happen to be in London in November and December, the one thing you surely want to do most is fly out to slightly warmer, drier climes.


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